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2/08/2021 -  First, the people in the crash had minimal ouchies (pics below simulation) This week, we will give thanks to AIRBAGS! Coffee-A-La-AirBag. Let's get started with the simulation of an airbag, and then two pics of the car airborne. All airbags deployed and did their job.  The car went over a first curb with rebar, rocks, another curb with rebar, then up a sizeable slanted rock for lift-off - luckily missed that tree by a few feet and landed in my front yard. 

02/018- The impact is frontal, on a rigid wall, with an initial velocity of 35 mph.

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02/01/2021 - HEY! this is your reminder that it's February.  That means Valentines Day is this month.  SO, get that special someone a new coffee cup with different flavored coffee.   They will either love it, or look at you like you'll be sleeping on the couch! BUT, at least you'll have a good cup of coffee, while you watch below simulation. 

02/01 - Lancemore, Japan -  Cross Shaped Cup Deep Drawing Analysis

01/25/2021 - Well, although I would prefer waves of coffee being stirred by the cylinder that would defeat the engineering purpose.  SO we will have to visit YouTube and see the real waves!

LS-DYNA CFD: wave generation in FSI+Free-Surface flow

Wave train deforming an elastic cylinder

01/18/2021 - Yes, I do know what a hat channel is!  Okay, whoever yelled "She probably googled it."  Well, fine, your're right I googled it!   Anyway, we shall have Lancemore Coffee this week to go!   So, grab that to go cup and let's take a look at YouTube.

Dynamic Three Point Bending Test Analysis of a Hat Channel - with 590 MPa Class High Tensile Strength Steel part 2.

01/11/2021 - I have a battery pack but anyone with projectiles?  Nope - you do not get coffee today IF you are aiming at my battery pack!  SO, let us trot over to YouTube to learn how LSDYNA-EM will show you what happens when you don't get coffee.

LSDYNA-EM : Projectile penetration in battery pack  -  The projectile is modelled as rigid. It penetrates several battery cells, causing deformation and failure.

01/04/2021 - UH OH, did I make a resolution this year?  Same one as last year, and the year before - lose weight.   AND whoever just yelled "How much did you lose last year?"  IF you think I'm answering that question you obviously didn't read my new resolution!   MEN! UGH!  You NEVER ask that question!

NOW, (yes, I will stop yelling) on to the first video of 2021 - NASA - (that wasn't yelling, it was their initials)  Goerge Laird always has something interesting you should learn about.

G. Laird - Predictive Engineering FEA Consultants NASA 5020A Fastener Spaceflight Hardware

12/28/2020   We are ending the year with two of my older favorites.  IF you look at the Hybrid 3 crash dummy - he didn't FALL!  Look at his back - see that pole?  He was struck by someone behind him.  He was walking to the kitchen to boil water in the kettle, and was murdered!  Did they want to steal the kettle? (AND to answer who just yelled, "Is Marsha drinking alcohol?"  "NO, I'm not drunk, I'm only drinking coffee without alcohol of any kind!)

Hybrid 3 Crash Test Dummy Falling downstairs
Electric Kettle simulation using LS-Dyna

Two posts this week:

Shares with us his home town school. 

12/21/2020  - Movimento - an intiative of the high-school of my home town and a project that CADFEM supports - is a great group of "normal" students that perform artistics on a high level. This year and the next they can't do live shows. But they have prepared a small medley for Christmas and asked everyone to share it. Here we go. Happy Christmas Join us at YouTube to watch -  Weihnachtsmusik-Medley 2020 Circo Movimento

12/21/2020   Last week we had coffee and studied pin ball machines.  This week we have our coffee and sit at the stairs watching our Xmas Slinky!   After YouTube to watch the slinky video I'm heading to Amazon and see if they sell them!  This week we will have a new Xmas Slinky Coffee, of course with chocolate.

Lancemore Japan - LS-DYNA Slinky walks down stairs

12/14/2020   Who asked for a pinball machine for Xmas?   If you didn't then you should.  And if you did then below will be of interest if you want to be like the song Pinball Wizard.  Old old song!

Self-controlling pinball simulation using LS-DYNA -  prescribed motions are applied to the flippers as the ball, modelled with a Discrete Element Sphere, comes into contact with some segments above the respective flipper.

12/07/2020    I did try to find an FEA simulation on how to make me follow through on my 2021 New Year Resolution I am thinking to do - NONE!

I am thinking of bottling my to go coffee so we need to watch bottle caps! 

LS-DYNA simulation of a LS-TaSC optimized bottle opener in action.

Glass Bottle Breaking using| ANSYS LS-DYNA


Tank slosh - LS-Dyna Coincident Node FSI

Vortex Engineering Group

Cavitation bubble behavior simulation inside a water drop using Structured ALE method

Battery cooling simulations

Foggy glasses while wearing homemade masks? Coughing through a homemade mask, an ICFD/FSI solution

Yuri Novozilov

Simulation of a soft missile impact on reinforced concrete slab - Sugano impact test



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