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06/29/2020 Peter Reithofer

Modeling Plastics in LS DYNA - Isotropic Modelling of Thermoplastics
06/22 - Ameen Topa

A short and light tutorial on how to generate solid mesh of a simplified bullet model from scratch.
06/15 - Gavin Newlands

Update Webinar: Oasys Suite – Latest expert tools for LS-DYNA models
06/08 - Filipe Andrade

MAT 024 A review of LS DYNA’s most popular material model
06/01 - Martin Helbig

Introduction to Material Characterization
05/25/2018 - Dirk Dreißig

Coupling ANSA and META to LS OPT
05/18/2020 - Tobias Erhard,

 Recent developments in GISSMO
05/11/2020 - Calyum Ridyard-

This YouTube webinar
will cover features coming in v17.0 of Oasys D3PLOT and T/HIS.
04/27/2020 - Ameen Topa

LS-DYNA  Reinforced Concrete and Wrecking Ball
04/20/2020 -  Yousif Osman

LS-DYNA drop test showing how I configured LS-Prepost
04/13/2020 - Michael Magnier

Intro to LS-OPT Part 2
04/06/2020 - BW Engineering -

LS-DYNA tutorial | SPH method for Simulating Blast Effect on Torso
03/30/2020 - Gavin Newlands -
Oasys PRIMER_ Connections – Bolt and Adhesive Modelling
03/23/2020 -Ameen Topa - Tensile Test with Solid Elements and Variable Thickness Shells 
03/08/2020 - Total CAE - Submit LS-DYNA to HPC Clusters and Cloud with TotalCAE
03/02/2020- Jeanne He -
02/24/2020 - LS-DYNA for Beginners: Entity Selection Tips
02/17/2020 - Project - UM presents What Type of Bottle Opener Works Best?  simulations using LS-Dyna
02/10/2020 - James Dilworth presents An Introduction to ICFD in LS DYNA
02/03/2020 - Sarba Guha Workshops on Occupant Modeling

01/27/2020 - Emily Owen presents LS-DYNA Introduction to Contacts
LS-DYNA: Common Contact Examples & Cases
   Mike Magnier (Oasys LS-DYNA) presents introduction to LS-OPT