02-15 - B. Khaled, - Using *MAT_213 and *MAT_187 to PredictFailure in Unidirectional Composites
02-08 - Y.Meng, C.Untaroiu (Virginia Tech) -  Occupant Injury Risk Assessment ...
02-01 P. Caldaza - Ford -  Side Curtain Airbag Folding Methodology
01-25 E. Day - Hybrid III 95th Percentile Large Male Finite Element Model Neck Alteration
01-18 W. Hu -A Meso-Macro Scale Method for Jointed Structures and Their Failure Analysis
01-11 T. Dutton - Optimising Run Timesfor Sheet Metal Forming Simulation
01-04 P. L'Eplattenier -  A Path Towards Including Batteries in Electric or Hybrid Car Crash Simulations with LS-DYNA®
12-28  B. Paul  - Driving Through Flooded Road
12-21 M. Seulin - Drag Coefficient Optimization for a Sports Car Using the Coupling Between LS-DYNA® ICFD Solver, LS-OPT® and DEP MeshWorks Software
12-14 J. Puryear - Wear Analysis of Machinery Componentsin Buildings
12-07 J. Johnsen - Calibration and Application of GISSMO and *MAT_258 for Simulations Using Large Shell Elements