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  By:   Yanhua     
   January 13, 2020
FEANTM News January Issue of FEANTM
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Short description (Webinar extract) of the LS-DYNA EM solver capabilities in terms of battery modelling and the motivations behind it.
The DYNAmore company brochure
LST, LLC jointly developed tire models with FCA. The models are based on a series of material, verification, & component level tests.
LS-DYNA: Common Contact Examples & Cases
Nov.  Issue of FEA Magazine
Full Field Calibration using LS-OPT 6
D. Aspenberg -

DYNAmore Nordic
FSI problem set up with ICFD-LS-DYNA
 Mike Magnier (Oasys LS-DYNA) presents introduction to LS-OPT Youtube video by Hyundai Motor Group
Anatomy of car crash test 'Dummies'